3 Games to Boost your Math Block

Being a teacher is like being a party planner. You’re always looking for new ways to host the same old birthday party. Most math skills require days of practice, and it’s your job to find new and thrilling ways to present the same content. Here are 3 games I have discovered and frequently use in my classroom.

1.) U-Know Games – If you’re aren’t following Fun in 5th Grade on Teachers Pay Teachers, go do it now. Her U-Know Games are a fan favorite for my gifted students. I use these cards as a rotation activity. My students never complain when U-Know is part of our rotation schedule.

2.) Order Up – I love Order Up activities because it’s designed for one player and self-checking. My students love them and its print and go for me! Easy prep. These games can be found on Teachers Pay Teachers by Created By MrHughes. My only recommendation is to have your students lay out the pieces first and then glue everything down once they successfully make their way to the top.

3.) Anything that assesses conceptual understanding – There are great games available that assess conceptual understanding of math standards. I use the games below when I am teaching quadrilaterals and types of triangles. Search online for quality games that target what you are covering in class.

Integrate math games that are aligned to your standards to bring new excitement to your math block!

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