4 Fun and Educational Stocking-Stuffers for the Holidays

We are six weekends away from Christmas. That is some scary math. As a teacher I am always looking for fun gifts to give my students and the young kiddos in my life. I found some great stocking-stuffers over the weekend that are educational and under $5.00.

1.) Tangram Erasers – I love using tangrams in my classroom, so I chose these to give to my students as a holiday gift. Students love the challenge of putting the tangrams into a square or other shapes, so it can make for a fun activity the day before winter break. I picked these up at Michael’s for $1.99.

2.) Lego Mini Set – All kids love Lego’s. With endless possibilities, Lego’s are part of the STEM way of thinking. You can’t go wrong with a set of mini blocks for kids of all ages. I picked up this set from Target for $3.50.

3.) # Plus Plus – These connecters had my husband and I intrigued at the store. They’re little pieces made of plus signs that connect to make different objects. I could not stop playing with them the other night. If you know a child that loves to build, this gift is a win-win! I purchased this set from Michael’s for $2.99

4.) Memory Maze – A Simon knock-off? Yes, please! My husband and I spent a good 30 minutes playing with this sequence game. This game helps with memory building and is only $5.00 at Michael’s!

Time is running out so you better start shopping for the holidays soon. :)

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