Three Apps Every Teacher Should be Using in Their Classroom

I have quite a few apps on my phone that I use to make daily life easier. Some of these apps are particularly useful to teachers. Here are three that will make your job a little more stress-free.

1.) Seesaw – Keep parents in the loop with Seesaw. You can create student portfolios that store work that can be shared with parents. Use this app to stay in contact with families and as an aide during parent conferences.

2.) Remind – Raise your hand if you forgotten to give out the homework sheet you assigned. I have done this more times than I would care to admit. With the Remind app I can send a quick blast out to my families to inform them that it’s my fault that their child doesn’t have homework tonight. The app also offers translations in over 70 languages!

3.) Pocket – When I’m browsing the internet for leisure I always have my teacher brain working. With the Pocket app you can quickly save articles and videos for future classroom discussions. Every year my students love to talk about green energy. I always save articles on this topic to use during our energy unit.

What teacher apps do you use in your classroom? Leave a comment below!

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  • I love ClassDojo for the same reason you love Remind and SeeSaw. I also love StickPick for questioning with DOK questions and for ELD students it gives the teacher question stems at each level and last Google Classroom!!!

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