Thanksgiving Activities Math Worksheets Grades 4-6


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Need to challenge your students? Want feedback on how your class is mastering the material you teach? Looking for more than a standard multiple choice assessment? Take your math instruction to the next level and get your students excited about math! PERFORMANCE TASKS ARE WHAT YOUR STUDENTS NEED.

This purchase contains 7 performance tasks aligned to the following math skills:
➥ 4.NF.1 – Equivalent Fractions
➥ 4.NF.3 – Adding Fractions with Like Denominators
➥ 4.MD.2 – Elapsed Time
➥ 4.MD.5 – Degrees in a Circle
➥ 4.MD.6 – Measuring using a Protractor
➥ 4.NBT.4 – Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers
➥ 5.NBT.7 – Adding Decimals

These performance tasks are meant to access conceptual understanding, along with procedural understanding.

Answer keys are included.

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