5 Zoom Activities For Upper Elementary

Zoom! It’s probably a turn you’ve become more familiar with than ever in the last several weeks. Zoom is a platform for online conferencing and meetings that many teachers are using to teach their students from a distance. Engaging with your students on Zoom can be challenging, so it’s important to make sure you have fun and educational activities prepared for your learners. Check out these 5 zoom activities for upper elementary classes!


Kahoot! is an online, interactive quiz platform. Simply create an account (always free but “Premium” is free for educators during the pandemic) and find a quiz to share via the Zoom share screen with students.

You can “Discover” quizzes already made from Kahoot! Users or Click the “Create” button to make your own Kahoot! based on the standards and skills you are teaching your upper elementary learners.

There are even templates to use to make creating the Kahoot! easier than ever.

Use some of the skill-based questions from the standards-based mini-assessments to review to make a Kahoot! quiz.

Daily Math Prompts

Share a daily math prompt or word problem via the Zoom share screen. Rather than treat these as assignments, use the math prompts as conversation starters for your students.

What kind of prompts are included?

  • 4th-5th grade level prompts
  • Number sense
  • High interest, real world scenarios
  • Error analysis
  • Conceptual questions
  • Problem-solving scenarios
  • Quick and easy to implement, designed not to overwhelm families

Show and Tell

Show and Tell may seem like an early elementary activity, but learners of any age that are participating in distance learning want to share parts of their lives! It’s more important than ever to build community by having your students engage with their classmates online.

Have your students bring something to share from their homes. Pets, hobby-related items, or even siblings are popular Show and Tell items. Show and Tell promotes speaking, listening, and story-telling skills.


Practice vocabulary words by playing Pictionary with your students via Zoom! The Share Screen option allows you to use a whiteboard to share with your students.

After you share the screen, you’ll be able to draw with a stylus or your finger on your touchscreen-enabled device. If your students have touchscreen devices, you can also give the option for attendees to share screens and be the artist! Simply private message (via chat) the word to the student who will be drawing. The other students will guess. The student who guesses correctly first will be the next artist.

Click on manage participants to enable tools for students to raise their hands or simply have them type the answer in chat to you only.

Scavenger Hunt

Another activity to try with your students is a Scavenger Hunt! This can get a little crazy, so it’s important to set some rules. Have a list of common objects for your students to find in their home. You can choose items that explore math skills (i.e. a cube, a sphere, etc.) or just fun objects to get them moving and sharing!

An alternate way is to have students explore their textbooks or independent reading books to find words or literary elements to share on-screen. For example, ask your students to find the name of the protagonist in their novel. Scavenger hunts are so much fun on Zoom!

Distance learning may seem impersonal at first, but by finding engaging activities to share with your students, Zoom can help you connect with your class! These 5 Zoom activities for upper elementary are things you can use tomorrow in your distance learning classroom. Which ones will you try?

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