3 Easy Art Activities to Do in Your Classroom the Week of State Testing

State testing is mentally exhausting for all involved, especially your students. We test in the mornings, so in the afternoon we do relaxing, yet engaging art activities. My students are able to recharge and kick back before we resume the next day of testing. In the past I did review in the afternoon, but cramming last minute content into my already overwhelmed brains is not going to make or break my students’ test scores. Here are 3 art activities that are fan favorites in my classroom.

Symmetry Bugs – Idea from 4th Grade Frolics

This activity uses symmetry and reflection to create unique looking bugs. Tara’s blog has step by step instructions for you to use to teach your students how to effectively create a reflection of their name to make an outline of an original bug. It’s fun and requires little prep.

Optical Illusions – Idea from Rundee’s Room

This activity is AWESOME. It’s great for following directions because there are several steps that students need to follow for a successful illusion. If you can get a parent volunteer to help you by walking around and monitoring each step while you provide the instructions I would recommend that. Also, ask students to bring in markers and colored pencils if you don’t have enough in class.

Emoji Agamographs – Idea from Art with Jenny K.

My students went bonkers for this activity. I loved it because there was a narrative writing component to it. Jenny has SO MANY incredible resources in her TpT store that integrate art and curriculum. If your testing days fall near a holiday, check out her store. She has many holiday themed art activities.

I’m always looking for new ideas to do with my kiddos during testing week! What do you do? Leave a comment below!

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