6 Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix During Your Winter Break

I LOVE TV. Okay – I said it. I love to watch TV at night to decompress from the workday. Netflix is a part of our family in my household. My husband and I don’t run marathons, but we challenge anyone’s ability to binge watch shows on Netflix. Here are 5 shows I recommend for teachers during their winter break.

1.) Stranger Things – O.M.G. If you haven’t watched Stranger Things, you are missing out. I was so sure this show wasn’t my cup of tea. I hate scary movies and anything with shadows, but this show is AMAZING. The kids are fantastic and insanely clever. I love this show and I promise you will too. Also….one of the main characters has a alphabet wall in her living room. This show was meant for teachers.

2.) Scandal – Your mind will be blown and you will probably be asking yourself “Does this stuff really happen in real life?” every 5 minutes. The show is fast paced, dialogue is witty, and the acting is incredible.

3.) Fuller House – This is just a feel good show. You can work on lesson plans or clean the house while you watch the two short seasons. The corny jokes make you smirk and I grew up with Full House, so the story lines are nostalgic for me.

4.) GLOW – Again a show I thought I would hate but loved! My favorite thing about this show is the 80’s music. It’s so well timed and takes you back to the days of high pony tails and leg warmers. The episodes are only 30 minutes long, so you will fly thru the first season and not feel so bad about it.

5.) Ozark – A new show sharing Jason Bateman. Girls – Jason Bateman. Need I say more? Okay in all seriousness, the storyline is intense and the acting is great. The show is a little dark, but we still got into it. Like Scandal, it’s fast moving and leaves you on the edge of your couch.

6.) Riverdale – Okay originally I had titled this post 5 shows to binge-watch and finished my list. THEN I REALIZED I LEFT OUT RIVERDALE (A MAJOR OVERSIGHT ON MY BEHALF). Riverdale has honestly been my favorite show of 2017. It’s a show for teens so I was certain I would hate it, BUT I LOVE IT. There’s a murder mystery, humorous dialogue, and likable characters. If you haven’t seen Riverdale, abandon all adult responsibilities and go watch it right now.

Happy binge-watching! Leave a comment down below telling me your favorite show so I can watch it too! 🙂

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