5 Math Websites That Every Classroom Should be Using

Digital is all the craze in classrooms. Your students use the internet for EVERYTHING. Why not integrate that technology in your classroom? Here are 5 math websites that are jam packed with resources that will help you throughout the year.

1.) Khan Academy – stop everything and go check out Khan Academy if you haven’t done so already. Their video tutorials are AWESOME for students (and teachers!). They also provide countless activities and questions for student practice. Khan Academy is available for all ages.

2.) Mathletics – Mathletics is all about aligning to state-based math standards in an engaging gaming set-up for students. Sign me up. The graphics aren’t too childish and work for all grades of elementary school.

3.) National Library of Virtual Manipulatives – I first discovered this website when I was interning in college and it has been a staple in my math instruction ever since. If you have an interactive whiteboard in your classroom this website provides digital manipulatives that can be used during your math instruction.

4.) FrontRow – If you are looking for digital instruction that targets students on a personalized level, this is the program for you. FrontRow offers more than 30,000 math questions covering grades K-8.

5.) PatrickJMT – PatrickJMT is an underrated website, similar to Khan Academy. Patrick offers an insane amount of video tutorials for grades 4 thru high school that are kid friendly and easy to understand.

What math website(s) do you use in your classroom? Leave a comment below.

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