5 Children’s books to Look for in Early 2018 Children’s Literature

The New Year is right around the corner and some great children’s literature is coming out. Here are 5 kids’ books to look out for in early 2018.


1.) Dog Man and Cat Kids – Technically this book comes out the last week of 2017, but with the holidays it’s easy to forget about its release. Dog Man is a great graphic novel series, especially for reluctant readers. My 4th graders love this series and anxiously await for a new release to see what happens next.

2.) What Do You Do With a Chance? – Written by the same creators of What Do You Do with an Idea? And What Do You Do With a Problem?, this book is guaranteed to bring the same warm fuzzies to your students during a read aloud. Releases: February 6th

3.) Hidden Figures – Based on the book and Disney movie, Hidden Figures is written as a picture book for children. My students LOVED this movie when it came out, so I’m sure they will love the book too. Releases on: January 16th

4.) Supergifted – This book is the sequel to Gordon Korman’s Ungifted. Ungifted was a favorite in my classroom when it came out, so I know the sequel will be as equally sought after. Everything Korman writes is a knockout. Releases on: January 2nd

5.) Just Like Jackie – This book is being compared to Fish in a Tree. Sign me up. The plot is about a young girl and her ambition to protect her family. The book is getting rave reviews and I’m excited to add a new book about acceptance and diversity to my library. Releases January 2nd

We have a lot of new books to look forward to in 2018. What is on your must-have wish list?

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