4 Ways to Use Geometiles in Your Classroom

I was fortunate enough to partner with a wonderful company that makes a math manipulative called Geometiles. After spending some time exploring this kit with my students, my favorite aspect of these tiles is their versatility. The possibilities are endless with Geometiles. From remediation to enrichment, Geometiles can be used a variety of ways. In addition to a tangible box of goodies, you also gain access to a virtual library STACKED WITH TONS OF INCREDIBLE QUESTIONS AND RESOURCES.

The resource library is easy to access and low prep. Literally print and go from a selection of complex questions. There’s no fluff.

Here are 4 ways I use Geometiles in my classroom:

1.) Soft Starts

Play and discovery is important in your classroom. Geometiles make an excellent addition to your soft start (time designated in the morning for exploration and free choice) materials. I was a lover of building blocks and Legos as a kid and these tiles offered the same creativity and exploration.

2.) Geometry

With this set you can build many 3D shapes, but 2D shapes are the foundation to anything three-dimensional. Use these tiles to discuss attributes of 2D shapes. I especially love that there are examples of equilateral, scalene, and isosceles triangles included. Most math manipulatives do not offer examples of triangles.

I also used these tiles when we reviewed using the protractor. My students measured the angles of each shape.

For students that need a challenge, the resource library offers rigorous and higher order thinking tasks. For example, I asked my students to make an equilateral triangle in 6 different sizes and to make an obtuse triangle. They loved this activity and the questions came right from the geometry workbook included in the library.

3.) Fractions

The fraction resource book is my absolute favorite. I’m always looking for resources that offer conceptual understanding of fractions and this book fits the bill. I gave my students the question below to solve together in groups.

It led to deep discussions amongst students and provided me opportunities to target various standards. The workbooks are aligned to standards and leveled for different grades/ student abilities. You can easily differentiate the tasks you give students by assigning questions from different levels.

4.) STEM

Its no secret that children love to build and be imaginative. If you run a STEM club at your school or do STEM challenges with your students, you have to add Geometiles to your supplies. The resource library offers countless “Shape Challenges” for children.

Geometiles is a must for any math class. The company partners with DonorsChoose.org, so educators can write a grant to put these useful kits in the hands of their students. Any student of any age or ability will enjoy what Geometiles has to offer.

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