3 Ways to Use Letter Boards in the Classroom

Raise your hand if you jumped on the letter board bandwagon. I purchased one from the Target Dollar Spot….well actually I bought three. I bought them for the cuteness factor, but then I started thinking “How can I effectively use this tool in my classroom?” Here are three ways to use a letter board in your classroom.

1.) Inspiration

Who doesn’t love a good motivational quote? It’s a nice way to start the day. Swap out quotes daily or weekly to give your students a burst of inspiration. Testing season in elementary is starting soon and your students need all the encouraging words they can get. Students can even be in charge of changing the quotes on the letter board.

2.) Vocabulary

This is such a simple, but effective idea. Put important vocabulary words for any subject area on your letter board. Visual representation of words will help your students with vocabulary development. It will also help with spelling. Why is it so hard for students to remember how to spell quadrilateral?

3.) Reminders

Raise your hand if you forget to remind your students of random tidbits like “wear sneakers for the outside field trip?” Put reminders on your letter board for the week, so students see the information repeatedly. We all know it takes a child seeing something 3,537 times for it to finally stick.

There are so many times I buy the latest fad that I see all over Instagram and never use it, but not this time. My letter board is my new adorable, helpful best friend in the classroom. How do you use your letter board? Leave a comment below!

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