3 Math YouTube Channels Every Teacher Should Be Using

Who doesn’t YouTube? The other day I YouTubed “What eye cream should I purchase?” YouTube is wonderful. There is a lot of information and tutorials for every interest and/or need, so it’s no surprise teachers are using YouTube in their classrooms to bring content to their students. Here are 3 math YouTube channels every teacher should be using.

1.) Mathantics – This channel is run by two cool guys that use humor and themes to teach math skills. Their videos are detailed and relatable for young students.

2.) MashUp Math – I follow Anthony on Instagram and I love what he stands for. He’s all about making math fun and complex for students. His videos have great graphics and examples.

3.) Khan Academy – Khan Academy is one of the largest educational channels on YouTube. They have tons of math videos, and also videos for other subject areas. There are even professional development videos for teachers. FYI – the tutorials on this channel are more suited for upper elementary.

What YouTube channels do you use in your classroom?

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