3 Easy Science Labs for Reviewing the Scientific Method

Children love science experiments. They want to observe and test out #allthethings, but sometimes it’s hard to get students to understand the scientific method. Understanding the steps of a true experiment is part of every grade’s curriculum. Over the years I have found great experiments for my students to do that are simple for me and engaging for them. They also lend themselves nicely to introducing and/or reviewing the scientific method in a kid-friendly way. There’s just the right amount of coolness to each of these labs so the curriculum isn’t lost, and the students still love every minute. Here are 3 easy science experiments for the scientific method.

1.) Drops on a Penny – I was expecting my 4th grade gifted students to think this was a lame experiment, but they loved it. It was easy prep for me, and I was able to target every step of the scientific method with my class.

2.) Transfer of Energy Experiment – This lab is easy to implement and covers potential and kinetic energy. Anything related to force and motion is a surefire hit with students. Check out Frugal Fun 4 Boys’ blog post on how to conduct this lab in your classroom. She has an archive of great science labs!

3.) Marble Rollercoasters – In this experiment we use the testable question of “How does increasing the slope of a ramp affect the marble’s speed?” Like the other two activities, this lab requires easy to find materials. I use cut up pool noodles to make my ramps, which I reuse throughout the year for other force and motion labs. If you want to conduct this experiment with your students I have a freebie that can be found in my TpT store.

What are your go to experiments for teaching the scientific method?

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