Why Digital Math Activities Are Perfect For The Classroom

Teaching in 2020 looks different than any other year of education. Teachers are redefining what teaching looks like and how to best serve their students in unconventional settings. Whether you are teaching virtually or in the classroom following extreme safety measures you have had to reconsider every teaching strategy you have used (especially for your math block!). How do you build a math block that promotes exploration, ignites problem solving, and targets the needs of every child via distance learning and/or abiding by distancing rules?

The question I get asked the most is “What digital math activities do you recommend?” One of the positives of COVID-19 is the rise of digital instructional activities. I am so impressed by the capabilities of digital activities and what this means for the world of education. Here are 4 reasons why digital math activities are perfect for any classroom setting and will remain important after pandemic life is over.

Auto-grading features

How many of us have given up family time or self-care to review/grade ALLLLLL THE THINGS our students have completed? It’s a lot! If you have math resources created within Google Sheets or Google Forms they may have auto-grading features that will do the work for you! You can access data collected on your students immediately after they complete an assignment. Our digital math quick checks review all math standards for grades 3-5 and grades everything for you!

Highly engaging for students

Let’s keep it real- children love technology and if done correctly it can be highly engaging and impactful for students. One of the fears I had for teaching math in 2020 was the potential of losing the hands-on component of math lessons, but with digital math activities there’s space for virtual manipulatives. Our Digital Number Sense Activities for grades 2-5 and our Differentiated Math Centers for grades 3-5 have built in movable pieces that spark conceptual understanding and engagement for students!

No more killing trees!

Getting through a day of teaching requires A LOT of paper, especially if you are implementing math centers. Digital math activities require NO PAPER and often times this means low prep for you! Save the copy count you are given by administration and minimize the amount of time you spend prepping for your math block with digital math activities!

Instant feedback for students

Students need as much support as possible without excessive hand holding. Our Digital Math Pixel Arts provide immediate student feedback in an engaging presentation. Digital Math Pixel Art Activities are ready to go activities for Google Sheets that review a specific math skill. As your students correctly answer various questions a mystery picture will start to reveal!

Digital Classroom Escapes also provide instant feedback, as students enter solve secret codes and messages. Your students are having so much fun they don’t realize they’re also reviewing math, science, or reading skills!

In years to come you’ll see more digital content in the classroom. Digital education can feel overwhelming, but in the end it will positively impact the lives of your students! Want to try a FREE Digital Math Pixel Art? CLICK HERE to test one out today!

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