Interactive Bulletin Board Math Puzzlers & Challenges Logic Puzzles Enrichment


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Want to add excitement to your class with an interactive math bulletin board? Do you have early finishers that would love a challenge? Looking to incorporate deep math talk amongst your students? With the Power Math Interactive Math Bulletin Board you can target those needs and more!

What is the Power Math Interactive Bulletin Board?

The Power Math Interactive bulletin board contains 100 puzzlers and challenging word problems/ tasks for your students to complete. Just put one or two of them up each week and give those early finishers or students that like a challenge a task to do! Your students will be begging for more! Answer keys are included.

What kind of topics do the questions cover?
➥ Geometry and spatial sense
➥ Area and perimeter
➥ Volume
➥ Prime and composite numbers
➥ Factors and multiples
➥ Building equations with provided rules
➥ Visual puzzlers and teasers
➥ Pattern blocks and fractions
➥ Part of a whole with fractions
➥ Multiplying a whole number by a fraction
➥ Rounding puzzlers
➥ Patterns
➥ Function tables
➥ Degrees in a circle
➥ Place value teasers
➥ Area models for multiplication
➥ Types of triangles
➥ Quadrilaterals
➥ Tangrams
➥ and many more FUN and intriguing questions for your students!