Halloween Activities for Upper Elementary | Math Printables, STEM and More!


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This purchase contains math activities, a reading passage, a STEM challenge and logic challenges perfect for UPPER ELEMENTARY students. All activities are fall themed including Halloween costume shopping, a pumpkin patch passage, a pumpkin wagon STEM challenge and more!

Check out the preview to see all the activities that are included!

Use these activities in the weeks or days leading up to Halloween to inject a little academic rigor into your holiday lesson plans for your upper elementary students!

What’s included in this resource?

  • A Day At Treinen Farms– a reading passage about Treinen Farms and all the activities they host for the fall season. Four reading comprehension questions accompany the passage.
  • Spooky Shopping– Students will calculate the cost of homemade costumes.
  • Math Word Problems – Your students will convert units of measure and multiply, divide, subtract, and add to answer questions about the pumpkin patch.
  • Corn Maze Challenge – Students must guide Farmer Mark thru the corn maze to the pumpkin patch!
  • STEM Challenge – Students will design and build their own pumpkin wagon from a short list of common classroom supplies. These wagons aren’t just for show! They will need to roll when pulled by the handle and be able to transport the weight of 44 pennies (4 ounces)!
  • Logic Puzzler – Students will need to use problem solving and deductive reasoning to re-create the results of the Apple Bobbing Competition.