Back to School First Week of School Teacher Starter Kit Grades 4-5


Total Pages: 75
File Size: 38 MB


It’s that magical time of year! Back to school is upon us! Although thrilling and new, back to school can feel overwhelming and exhausting for new teachers or educators switching to a new grade. This “Getting Ready for the First Week of School” Teacher Kit helps educators ensure they have covered everything important for the first few days of school. Walk in the first day with confidence knowing you have everything covered! This kit is geared for a 4th or 5th grade teacher.

This starter kit covers 5 major areas that need to addressed with your students during the first week of school:
☛ Procedures and routines of your classroom
☛ Classroom organization
☛ Getting to know you student activities
☛ Team builder activities for students
☛ Data collection

What is included in this kit?
✓ 18 pages of tips and tricks to help you feel comfortable in ensuring you have everything planned for the week
✓ 30 EDITABLE PowerPoint slides for you to set up a presentation for your students to review your procedures and routines of the classroom
✓ 25 pages of getting to know you activities and team builders including a digital activity
✓ Math and science interest survey for you to get to know your students better