6 Halloween Activities for Upper Elementary

Spooky season can be a fun time in the classroom, but it can also feel overwhelming for teachers with the extra prep and added craziness! Read on to discover six Halloween activities to use during the month of October that are easy to implement and fun for students!

Halloween Paperless Math Prompts

Celebrating the holidays with your students doesn’t mean every activity has to be over the top. Our Paperless Math Prompts are themed and include ready to display math questions. These prompts promote problem solving and number sense!


Halloween Logic Puzzlers

Students love these things. They really love the challenge of them and I love them because they promote deductive reasoning; forcing students to read between the lines. I use logic puzzlers during the month of October and I even keep some in my emergency sub folder for those “Oh no, I need to call out!” days. Our logic puzzlers can be found in our early finisher kits and you can choose between print logic puzzlers or digital ones!


Halloween Digital Escape Rooms

I always try to do one WOW Halloween activity with my students, usually on Halloween or the Friday before. This is my “one big moment” to pack my Halloween punch! Students love escape rooms. They love the mystery and thrill! They especially love BREAKING OUT! DIGITAL escape rooms are a personal favorite of mine because I don’t need to prep locks, boxes, folders, and a million copies. Our Digital Halloween Escape Rooms have been used by thousands of students and are a fan favorite. Our pumpkin themed escape room does not mention Halloween or any corresponding characters for schools that do not participate in spooky season.


Differentiated Math Tasks

You need to maintain the same level of instruction during these holiday months. I use differentiated math activities that are Halloween themed to review curriculum that I introduced in the months leading up to October 31st. These math projects include a high interest passage with 3 pages of differentiated math questions. I love that I’m providing practice that is specific to a child’s needs and they enjoy the themed presentation!

Print Halloween Escape Rooms

If digital escape rooms aren’t your thing, print escape rooms are just as fun! Our Case File Math Challenges are logic puzzles and mysteries rolled into one fun, collaborative Math game. Students will begin with a short themed introductory passage which will outline the mystery or problem that needs to be solved. Next, students will complete fun math problem solving challenges to receive clues to the case file. The clues from correctly solving the math challenges will help students solve the greater mystery or problem introduced in the passage. Our print Halloween escape room is LOW prep too! Each group needs 5 pages to complete this challenge with NO cutting or gluing!


Halloween Scavenger Hunt

I challenge you to find me a child that doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt. Teachers love scavenger hunts because it gets students up and moving. Those wiggly students really shine in such activities. This Halloween themed scavenger hunt has ready to display prompts for objects that are easily found in the classroom (and for those virtual teachers and homeschool moms there is an “at home” version too!)

Whether you implement one activity from this list or all five you can rest knowing that you are reviewing key math skills in the classroom, no stressing about administration walking in and questioning your lesson. But most importantly your students will have fun and appreciate celebrating the holiday with you!

If you’re looking for holiday book recommendations beyond these Halloween activities head here!

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