5 YouTube Channels Every Science Teacher Should Be Using

YouTube is huge. It’s the second most used search engine online. Everyone I know uses YouTube for help and information. I once had a teacher friend YouTube how to assemble a drawer organizer from Ikea. No need to try to decipher the cryptic Ikea directions…she just watched a video!
If you’re a science teacher check out these five channels to bring video content to your lessons.

1.) Bill Nye – Of course I had to include Bill. He’s a cult classic. His videos are effective and kid-friendly. I use Bill Nye videos for science skills that are hard to create demonstrations for. My science curriculum covers physical and chemical changes. There are some demos and labs I can do, but ultimately my principal isn’t too keen on using open flames in class. Bill Nye’s channel offers viewing opportunities of labs I can’t do in a classroom setting.

2.) It’s Okay To Be Smart – Part of the PBS brand, this channel is all things science. They start with an essential question and then explain the answer with appealing graphics and fun narrative.

3.) NASA – Kids love space. I get a ton of questions during my Earth and Space unit. I have used the NASA YouTube channel to answer questions and show my students incredible footage of our universe. My absolute favorite part about this channel is the videos they have from the ISS. My kids go insane when I show them a glimpse of what it’s like being an astronaut in space.

4.) SpanglerScienceTV – Ok this guy is amazing. He has the best science labs EVER. Just go check out his channel. You’ll thank me later.

5.) TED-Ed – Just like their professional development videos for teachers, TED-Ed is all about bringing knowledge to kids in a cartoon format.

What YouTube channels do you use in your classroom?


  • Add Veritasium and Smarter Every Day for upper level students.

  • Also the AmeobaSisters YouTube channel is AMAZING!!!!! You won’t be disappointed, trust me.

    • Do you have your 7TH Grade New Standards on track? I had planned for 2 years for 5th and I left my last school after 15 years and went to 7TH in May. Between moving 16 years of science and my mom being in and out of the hospital, I feel like I am drowning. If you have any resources I will be forever grateful. 🙏🏻❤️

  • Bozeman, Amoeba Sisters, crash course for kids or just the main crash course ones (though with the main ones you have to prescreen to make sure their comments and jokes are appropriate for school and age level.

  • Mystery Doug: short and the kids get to “vote” for what Doug talks about!

  • Hello thanks for sharing 👍🏻 My favorite channel in my classroom is (Crash course kids) 👌perfecto

  • Squint Science! The guy who does it has a Master’s in BioNanoTechnology – the whole channel focuses on the microscopic world. The Organelle Song is super catchy!

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