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Building number sense is a vital component to every math block.

Designed for 1st grade; aligned to 1st grade math standards!

With this bundle you have everything you need FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR to start Number Talks in your classroom!

What are number talks?
Number talks are class prompts and questions to promote computational fluency and number sense. They should last 5-10 minutes where discussion and collaboration is encouraged. Students are allowed to use pencil and paper to keep track of their steps as they complete their mental calculations.

What is included in this bundle?

➥ 250 Question Cards Your whole year is covered with 250 question cards! DIGITAL VERSIONS ARE ALSO INCLUDED! The questions are specifically designed to promote number sense and geared towards using the different number strategies provided in this bundle. There is a variety of different questions for you to choose from!

➥ Teacher Tips and Ideas Don’t know where to start? This bundle includes tips and ideas to help you implement number talks in your classroom. No need to do research online; this bundle has you covered. 

➥ Teacher Checklists A teacher friendly checklist is included for you to keep track of the questions you use throughout the year.

➥ Hand Signal Mini Posters Hang these mini posters on your whiteboard to keep the pace of your number talk lesson!

➥ Student Strategy Posters Student posters are included outlining the different number sense strategies for addition and subtraction.

➥ Sentence Starters Hang these sentence starters in your classroom to help promote accountable talk!

➥ Samples of the Different Strategies Not sure what a strategy should look like? Included in this bundle are samples of work for various question cards.