3 Ways to Make Enrichment Easy for You and Your Students

Servicing all the levels of ability can be trying on a teacher. You’re one person in a classroom with 20+ little people. During my first few years of teaching I struggled with how to balance the work I gave to my students. I knew I needed to differentiate, but it was hard finding materials and quality work for each group.

Three years after I started teaching I moved to a public school that was full-time gifted, but the need to differentiate was still there. A bell curve of ability exists within any group of students. I needed resources that required little preparation and made enrichment easy for my early finishers. Here are three ways to make enrichment easier in your classroom.

1.) PREP ahead of time…like way ahead of time.

Preparing materials during the summer makes for an easier school year. I print, laminate, and store all my resources in containers from Target. My future self is appreciative of this work later in the year when I’m struggling to stay afloat during testing season, report cards, etc.

2.) Go beyond the curriculum

Puzzlers and brain busters are a great way to challenge your students. Advanced children eat this stuff up. You’re pushing their cognitive abilities and fostering problem solving too. It’s a win-win for everyone.

3.) Set up a system

I like to use resources that have similar directions for students. That way I don’t have to explain new activities throughout the year. My students just grab a bin when they have extra time or looking for a challenge and they know what to do.

My latest line of Enrichment Kits are themed for each month of the year and jammed pack with puzzlers and challengers for your early finishers!

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