10 Academic Activities To Get You Thru The End Of The Year

It was the first day of school and then you BLINKED. The end of the year is here and now you are scrambling to find engaging resources that review curriculum and keep your students busy the remaining days of school. I have tested out many end of the year activities, but I have narrowed my list down to ten based on student feedback and my observations. Each one of these activities meets the review needs while bringing fun to my classroom. It’s the best of both worlds.

Here are ten end of the year activities to get you thru the rest of the school year:

Digital Classroom Escapes

Digital Classroom Escapes are interactive activities which promote peer collaboration and problem solving. Cryptic messages, challenges, and puzzlers combine to create the perfect blend of learning and fun! My students GO BONKERS for digital breakouts. I can’t give them enough!

With no prep, a dose of fun and a little review, escapes are a great end of the year resource!



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If your students love the Great End of The Year Scavenger Hunt, we have another awesome Summer Break Escape available and pictured below.

Math Projects and Activities

I love anything that reviews key math skills I have taught throughout the year. I also love a math activity with real world applications. This first PBL activity requires students to decide how and where to install security cameras in a new housing development. Students will have to select, budget, and install the cameras based on pricing, features, and angle dimensions.

My students have also completed the Fraction PBL activity below where they designed a 3-tiered cake to review fractions, decimals, converting measurement and volume!

Play Dough Fraction Project

My students loved this activity! It was a chance for them to tangibly make something and apply math skills they learned throughout the year. At this stage of the year a project that is equal parts creativity, independent practice for students, and academic is a surefire winner!

Play Dough Math Project by Mix And Math

ABC Countdown to Summer

This resource contains 26 different activities with little to no supplies required! The activities included are aligned to curriculum standards such as sequencing, persuasive writing, and poetry! These activities were fun and required VERY LITTLE prep- perfect for the end of the year chaos! To learn more about this resource check out the video HERE!

Packing My Bags Activity

If you’re looking for a great “take a stroll down memory lane” activity, this is it! With all the things YOU have to get done at the end of the year, this is a great activity students can complete on their own and reminisce about the great year they had! My students loved this activity because they were able to take home a keepsake that encompassed the school year!

Beach Ball Boogie STEM Challenge

STEM challenges are PERFECT for the end of the year. You take all that student energy and channel it into a project that requires collaboration and problem solving! I have used several of Kerry Tracy’s STEM challenges in my classroom. They are meaningful and aligned to curriculum. In this challenge students are asked to design a contraption that must hold a beach ball as they compete in a relay race. WHAT FUN! For more information click here for a video of the challenge!

Coordinate Grid Activity

A coordinate grid challenge is an engaging activity your students will want to complete the last few weeks of school. In the activity below students must plot points and connect the dots to create a mystery picture. Come on…look at that adorable picture. #yourkidswillloveit

End Of The Year Writing Pennant – Advice to Next Year’s Students

My students LOVED leaving advice for incoming students with this interactive activity! They felt like the true experts. 🙂 The templates are so beautiful and all ready for printing…easy prep! This activity can also serve as a PREFECT bulletin board for back to school time. Hang the pennants for meet the teacher- your new students and their families will love getting to know you thru the eyes of your previous students.

End Of The Year Writing Pennant by The Little Ladybug Shop

Early Finisher Kits

These kits of activities have a special theme for each month of the year! They include challenges, puzzlers and brainteasers with fun eye catching graphics to get your students excited! I prep this kit in advance and place everything in a storage bin so it is ready to go for use as a gap filler or for students that complete assessments early.

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